What are the alternatives?

Convoys Wharf from Greenwich shoreline

Over at her blog the Deptford Dame asks “What are the alternatives?“, and presents a good summary of all the concerns I’ve heard and read about over the course of the development so far. Some of her points I hear and agree with – I’ve mentioned them myself and even challenged the developers at a recent open day they held in St Luke’s. Specifically re the claustrophobic enclosure of the Olympia building. Their response was that the idea behind the intense close enclosure of the Olympia building on three and a half sides is to frame the building for optimal viewing from the river approach. On consideration, I can envision their compromise but still doubt that the building is either being afforded the respect it’s retention requirement is suggesting would be appropriate, nor do I think it makes any effort to integrate the development with the rest of Deptford. Instead it only emphasises the separation of the interior of the development from the rest of the surrounding area – residents of which would have to cross an unwelcoming, almost intimidating divide to access the Olympia square. Nonetheless on the whole I’m in favour of looking forward to tomorrow with positivity, all in the name of progress and urban regeneration. It’s desperately needed down around here!

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