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A threat to community

Ellis Woodman, director of the Architecture Foundation rearticulates well a concern often cited wrt the Convoys Wharf development…

The urgent need for housing is giving rise to some highly questionable planning decisions. The green-lighting of a proposal to build 3500 residential units at Convoys Wharf in Deptford represents just one example. Welcome as the redevelopment of this long-derelict riverside site may be, the introduction of a project of such scale in an area with no Tube line and where the small overland station is already crammed at peak hours invites serious doubts as to its sustainability. The London Borough of Lewisham shared those anxieties, but after its negotiations with the developer ground to a halt the Mayor called in the planning decision and approved the project.

Only 15 per cent of the homes have been designated as affordable so the development will clearly function in part as a commuter enclave. The 1800 parking spaces being provided are certain to be well used.