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TFL River Service’s Vision for Growth in London’s River Traffic

Andy Thompson, General Manager for London River Services at TFL has posted a presentation detailing the department’s vision for growth in London’s River Traffic. Notably Convoy’s Wharf features prominently in the planned proposals.

“Convoys Wharf: Redevelopment to include renovation of Olympia Building, new homes, shops, restaurants and hotel, car parks and public open spaces. Planning permission granted for new pier and funding for river bus services“.

However, due to the painfully long time it has taken to get the process even to the current stage he forecasts 2018 as the realistic ETA.

Roll on 2018; I’ll volunteer our household to be part of the 2 million increase in passenger journeys hoped for by 2020. A boat trip in to work or further weekends would definitely be an improvement over the 47/188/199 + Jubilee + Northern Line slog we currently have to endure!

Click the following link for the full presentation: