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More people take to the River Thames

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26 February 2015

Throughout this year and next, TfL will continue to improve London River Services to meet this increased demand.

Oyster and contactless payment validators will be installed at all River Bus piers this autumn.

For cyclists, additional parking will be provided at Embankment, Millbank and Westminster Piers, and Cycle Hire docking stations will be installed near Canary Wharf and Putney Piers this spring.

TfL and its commercial partners are also exploring opportunities at TfL piers to improve customers’ experience. It has already been confirmed that a new developer-led pier will open at Plantation Wharf this year.

Work to extend Bankside, Embankment and Westminster Piers is well under way and due to be completed by spring 2016. A new pier will open next year at Battersea Power Station and piers will be built at Convoys Wharf and Enderby Wharf in 2017.